Derma questions: Close when you click a button & Open on startup?


I’d like to know if it’s possible to close a DFrame whenever you click a button. If so, how?

Also, how can I exec a concommand on player startup? ( In my case, my “open team selection derma”, Team_menu )



On the page above there is an example for what you want too do.

You shouldn’t need to force a player to run a concommand to open a menu unless he is telling the server that he is opening up the menu, instead just run the function that makes & opens the menu in a hook.

Thanks! Now, I also want to change the player speeds. I am using :

But it doesnt seem to work. Speeds are still high for that specific team. Any tips?

Btw, close only works on Dframes, solution:

function PANEL:Close(bRemove)
if ( bRemove == nil ) then
bRemove = true;

if ( bRemove == true ) then
	-- I'm just putting this here because when i removed it without making it invisible, it was doing a weird glitching thing, but that could be something with my custom panels.


apply them in PlayerSpawn, they work I’m using them currently.

There is no harm in doing it, though.

the DFrame close thing works! Cheers!

Um, I still want to run a concommand as soon as a player spawns. HOW DO.

And uh, I’m still having problems with the speed. You see, I want to make it so that one team is faster than the other one. So doing that in playerspawn wouldnt really help. :\

Uh…Yeah it would?

Bad example but:
[lua]function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply )
if ply:Team() == 1 then
elseif ply:Team() == 2 then

thats the catch. i tried using that, but it didnt work. run is still 500, walk is still 250. Any ideas guys? :\

It does work. I’m doing it right now. That means somehow whatever gamemode you’re using is setting there speeds again after they are initially set.