Derma Request


I’m requesting a derma menu sort of thing for DarkRP, basically it shows the legality of certain weapons.

Here is something I made in Derma Design.

Basically, that white box with have the guns listed in a column of the left side, and then the legal/illegal status would be on the right, then it would notify the players if the gun laws had changed.

I’d appreciate if someone would help.

I’d also like something similar done with laws.

It’s not only derma work, it’s some kind of difficult project, with many scripts.

Looks hard.

I agree with Lua_Error

Even if it was something like if a player types a chat command it shows the legalities in the chat or console?

Should not be to hard save the data in a database which guns are legal and illigal.
And if someone changes it notify whole server.
Not a to big of a script.