Derma screen help

So i created a derma screen and stuff and i just need a command to open it via chat example !odst if anyone can make a command that if u type !odst it opens my derma screen, im a beginner coder so im sry :3

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I see like 50 threads per second pop up about this same issue, please for the love of god try googling next time

I did google it, and tryes it but it doesnt work for me… Like can u send a template or something?

There’s an example (or ‘template’) or whatever you want to call it on each page I posted. They’re not hard to figure out

hook.Add( "OnPlayerChat", "PUT A UNIQUE NAME HERE", function( ply, text, team, isdead )
	if text == "WHAT THE PLAYER IS MEANT TO SAY" and ply == LocalPlayer() then
		return true -- surpress the message
end )

what if i want it to open a lua? cuz lua_openscript_cl is blocked, so how do i make it like that then?