Derma Sheets

Ok so, I’m bored, therefore I go on Gmod and code. Now earlier I had an idea of making the TF2 Loadout menu and I stumble on this, look at the Sheets on the TF2 Loadout:

And now look at the GMOD sheets:

And can anyone tell me how to make the sheet button a custom size?

I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it but you could just add a bunch of spaces(as in spacebar) in the sheets name. Hacky i know…

On a new line? I know I can just extend the line, but I want to make it taller.

That wouldn’t give the height, the best way of doing this is probably just to have buttons, there are only two tabs anyway


I’m not sure but by looking at the derma source code this may work…

your_propertysheet:GetActiveTab():SetSize(your_propertysheet:GetActiveTab():GetWide(), 50)

Once again I’m not entirely sure if that will work. I know GetActiveTab() Returns the tab button which calls the property sheet.

Nope, returns a nil index. And besides, the GetWide you used would return the one you set for the size of the panel, not the bar at top.

your_sheet.Tab:SetSize(w, h)

If you look at the code for the propertysheet gui you should be able to figure it out… But the above method definitely calls the sheets tab button.

It still returns nil. Bah forget it. I’ll just do it the dumb way.

Why not just look how killburn did it in the tf2 gamemode?