Derma Skin Help Needed

Ok, so im trying to make a team thing for Flood Mod, but i am getting stuck on the whole derma skin thing.

I want it to look like this:

But this is all i have gotten so far:

I have tried adding buttons and stuff before but it always backfires. When i try to add them, you go in game, press q, then half the screen becomes gray and then if u let go of q it just stays there. It doesnt turn the visiblity off again.

Im really stuck. All i have for the code is:

self.TeamsBackground =vgui.Create("DPanelList")
self.TeamsBackground:SetSize((self.ToolPanel:GetWide() - 10), self.ToolPanel:GetTall())	--|
self.TeamsBackground:SetPos(0, 0)

..... theres a bunch of stuff here in the cl_menu.lua code .....

self.PropPanel:AddSheet("Join A Team", self.TeamsBackground, "gui/silkicons/bomb", true, false)

I think its the whole self. thing thats throwing me off. If i want to add a button do i have to put self. in front of all of it?

Thanks in advance

You don’t have to but you have to parent all your buttons to the self.TeamsBackground.

I suggest reading this tutorial on Derma first:


Thank you, i read threw some of it but i already new this. The thing that helped me was when you said

got me thinking about parenting and i went back and found, i was trying to parent to TeamsBackground. I tried self.TeamsBackground and it works. FINNALY