Derma Skin Help

I’ve recently been redoing the skin on my server, and I am only having one issue, and it’s finding this name of this field to change it’s color.

The blue background is the field name I need, this is an example field.

[lua]SKIN.listview_hover = Color( 225, 100, 10, 140 )[/lua]

I was unsuccessful at finding a list of field names on the wiki.

Thanks in advance,

So you want to change the text color?

The blue background is the field name I need.

( in further detail, the “blue background” behind “Axis” and the other tools, is what I am wanting to change )

function SKIN:PaintListViewLine( panel )

local Col = nil

if ( panel:IsSelected() ) then

    Col = self.listview_selected
elseif ( panel.Hovered ) then

    Col = self.listview_hover
elseif ( panel.m_bAlt ) then

    Col = self.bg_alt2

surface.SetDrawColor( Col.r, Col.g, Col.b, Col.a )
surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, panel:GetWide(), panel:GetTall() )


That does not appear to be working, I have listview_selected defined further up in the code, but that doesn’t work either.

Post the full skin, thanks.