derma slider clientconvar?

Can I set a client convar by slider?

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Btw, i don’t know what you mean.


That sets serverconvar… I use GetConVarNumber(“stuff”) serverside and test = CreateClientConVar(“stuff”,“50”,false,false) clientside
I’m trying to make every player has a different “stuff” convar.

That’s not a movie that’s a game.

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so there is no way to set a client convar via slider?

OnValueChanged and RunConsoleCommand it. Or do what I told you to do earlier.

What do you mean by onvaluechanged?

GOD DAMN IT it just sets a CLIENT convar, not a server one! I NEED THE CLIENT ONE!!

Jesus you’re thick. What I posted could set the client one.

God damn it, I tried it and it doesnt set a client convar!!

[lua]function herpderp(pl , cmd , args)
if pl:IsSuperAdmin() then
RunConsoleCommand(args[1] , args[2])
concommand.Add(“setvar” , herpderp)[/lua]



RunConsoleCommand “setvar” on the client in the slider, with the convar you want to set as the first parameter, with the second being the value.

my bad wanted to say client convar .-.
I want to do like players can set a convar that’s just for themselves but from the server, like if I set my convar via console but it only changes the player that types that command’s convar

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[lua]CreateConVar(“convar” , “default value” , true , true)

DNumSlider.OnValueChanged = function(self , val)
RunConsoleCommand(“convar” , val)

Something like that.