Derma Testing problems, attempt to call field 'create' (a nil value)

I’m just working on derma menus from the skeleton gamemode and I’m stuck with a problem where the tabs (DPropertySheet) don’t work properly and I get this error:

[gamemodes\skeleton\gamemode\cl_init.lua:28] attempt to call field 'create' (a nil value)

heres the cl_init.lua file:
[lua]include( ‘shared.lua’ )

// Clientside only stuff goes here
function ShowTeamMenu()
local DermaPanel = vgui.Create( “DFrame” ) – Creates the frame itself
DermaPanel:SetPos( 80,80 ) – Position on the players screen
DermaPanel:SetSize( 800, 600 ) – Size of the frame
DermaPanel:SetTitle( “Main Menu” ) – Title of the frame
DermaPanel:SetVisible( true )
DermaPanel:SetDraggable( false ) – Draggable by mouse?
DermaPanel:ShowCloseButton( true ) – Show the close button?
DermaPanel:MakePopup() – Show the frame

local TestingPanel = vgui.Create( “DPanel”, DermaPanel )
TestingPanel:SetPos( 25, 50 )
TestingPanel:SetSize( 750, 50 )
TestingPanel.Paint = function() – Paint function
surface.SetDrawColor( 50, 50, 50, 255 ) – Set our rect color below us; we do this so you can see items added to this panel
surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, TestingPanel:GetWide(), TestingPanel:GetTall() ) – Draw the rect
surface.DrawText( “Message of the Day: Zyler Rocks!” )

local PropertySheet = vgui.Create( “DPropertySheet” )
PropertySheet:SetParent( DermaPanel )
PropertySheet:SetPos( 25, 110 )
PropertySheet:SetSize( 750, 315 )

local Welcome = vgui.create( “DCheckBoxLabel” )

local Character = vgui.create( “DCheckBoxLabel” )
Character:SetText( “POOTISESPENSER HERE B” )

local Props = vgui.create( “DCheckBoxLabel” )

PropertySheet:AddSheet( “Welcome”, Welcome, “gui/silkicons/user”, false, false, “Rules and stuff” )
PropertySheet:AddSheet( “Character/Groups”, Character, “gui/silkicons/group”, false, false, “Manage your character and groups” )
PropertySheet:AddSheet( “Props/Tools”, Props, “gui/silkicons/group”, false, false, “Get Props and Tools” )


usermessage.Hook( “call_vgui”, ShowTeamMenu )

it looks like this:

Uploaded with

The other files wouldn’t have anything of importance, the init lua just calls the usermessage to create the derma menu on initial player spawn.

Lua is case-sensitive; [lua]vgui.create[/lua] should be [lua]vgui.Create[/lua]