Derma- Working with HTML.

I’m currently creating a books function. And i need a way to use :SetHTML(" ") But i need to read it from a table, Not a normal input. Here is a example…

function drawbookinfo()

local LINES = {
“This is a test for a book”,
“This is a test for a book line two.”,
local html = vgui.Create( “HTML”, DPanel)
html:SetHTML( table.LINES)
html:SetSize( 390, 400 )
concommand.Add(“Drawbook”, drawbookinfo)

Alright, Basicly i need the table called LINES, to be printed onto the HTML panel with SetHTML, But i couldn’t find it on the wiki at all, so if anyone can help, Thanks!

Also, If i cannot use SetHTML, Can someone give me another method?

Double toast.


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