Derma_StringRequest.. Another Question

Hello people… I was wondering for Derma_StringRequest, lets say I have something like this…

SubPlayerViewOptionsy:AddOption( "Send", function()

end ):SetImage( "icon16/.png" )

Pretty much, I don’t want it simply where you have to type the name in, which is easy to do, I wanna know how to make it so that there is a dropdown within the StringRequest that shows connected players, is this possible? Or could someone point me in the correct direction if it is possible? Would be appreciated.

(Pretty much Derma_StringRequest but instead of the textbox you enter stuff in, shows a dropdown with a list of players)

I don’t believe there is a possiblity to do this via Derma_StringRequest or Derma_Query.
I believe to make a dropbox with all the connected players you would need to make a derma menu from scratch, with window and all that.

I liked the Derma guide from the old wiki, I would recommend you to take a look there if you’re unfamiliar with derma. Just keep in mind not everything might work as it’s the old wiki.

Creating it from scratch isn’t too hard, just takes some time… anyways I get how to do it now, thanks for the help.