DermaDesigner is a graphical Derma IDE written in C#. It was made to make the creation of Derma menus easier.

Read the GMod wiki entry before asking any questions, it explains everything pretty well.

This is still a huge work in progress, but there’s already an SVN set up with all the code and the latest build on it.

If anybody wants to help and knows C#, just post and tell us what you’re going to make, so we don’t end up making it too and wasting time.

Notable features:[ul]
[li]Extensibility. You can write your own modules for DD and place them in the plugins folder, and they will be run automatically.[/li][li]Ease of use.[/li][li]Open source. Anybody can get the source code, modify it for themselves, and compile and run their custom version.[/li][li]An automatic update feature. Just click the Update button in the tools menu and you can update DD to the latest version in seconds.[/li][li]An alignment grid (toggleable) that lets you precisely position your panels.[/li][/ul]

DermaDesigner requires the .NET Framework 3.5 or better.


To Do List:[ul]
[li]Change cursor style depending on what the cursor is over[/li][li]Add docking capability[/li][li]Add ‘snap to panel’ capability[/li][li]Add fullscreen capability[/li][li]Add panel copying capability[/li][/ul]

As for panel types, here’s what we have to do left (green bullet is done, red is not done):



DCheckBox - SnakeFace [Complete]




DImage - SnakeFace [Complete]

DImageButton - SnakeFace [Complete]






DNumPad - Map in a box [Complete]

DNumSlider - SnakeFace [Complete]

DNumberWang - SnakeFace [Complete]

DPanel - Gbps [Complete]








It’ll take me a long time to finish them by myself, so if anyone wants to help, you’re welcome to, and of course you’ll receive a special thanks in the credits for the program.

Active developers:[ul]

Latest Build

Wiki (tutorial)

[li]Gbps, for making the awesome icon and logo, and deving.[/li][li]SnakeFace, developer.[/li][li]Map in a box, for making DNumPad and SpawnIcon.[/li][/ul]

Looks cool, gonna check it out now!

Say’s I need .NET Framework 4.0?


Oh .NET Framework 4.0 is out? o.0 Hadn’t Microsoft only just released 3.5?

Awesome! :swoon:

Looks nice, although as far as I can tell you haven’t implemented parenting.

Looks good, i’ll test it right now

I have, but there’s no way to set the parent at the moment. I’ll make it where you can drag panels on to each other to parent them. It can be done in the code, but not with the GUI right now.

Great work yaka. I’m sure any programmer working with gmod who has tried to make a complex UI in derma has thought of writing something like this at some point (at least I have). Glad to see you where the one to do it, but its not very useful until parenting is in there.

I’ll get it in some time today.

Excellent work, yaka!

very good A++

Now I feel bad for NonExistent :stuck_out_tongue: This makes his look like shit (although his is still very good)


Also why not add DPropertySheet?

Well done so far.

Awesome, I wanted to use this myself.

Cool, What’s next ‘vgui designer’.

A lot of people recently have been comming out with these derma editors which I find useful but its getting old, and yet a completed Derma Editing program is not out.

Two is not a lot, and they’re not complete because a program that does it properly is kind of complex, and the people who would make them have other stuff to deal with at the same time.

Anyway, I’m now working on the parenting problem.


But first, Doctor Who.

That SVN isn’t working for me =3

It’s a programmer’s nature - we want something to make our lives easier, yet most of us don’t want to take the time to actually make the tool.

I like the look of this derma designer more then the other one, and this one works a lot better. But we’ll see which one is better once he makes his release of the new version or whatever. (from the other guy)