DeRP Stamina System

The title state’s much, but here’s a detailed explanation.

I’d just like a simple Lua addon, that add’s a new Stamina bar in the bottom middle of the screen, that can be edited at a certain rate. ex. Stamina = 2 = Sprint for 120 seconds and you’re done. Also, i’d like a recovery rate. ex. Recovery Rate = 2 = Recovers in 120 seconds.

I think this would be a great addon to DeRP, although I don’t use it, I use MetroRP, it’s base is derived from DeRP.

If you could do this, I’d highly appreciate it, but if you’re looking for say, a reward, im sorry, no can do.

Big thanks to the Lua community here @ FP.

LGN SeriousRP Server


wasnt derp derived from perp?

Im not sure, i think it was derived from LRP, which got edited, to DeRP.


I think, im not sure.
I said, I think.