DerpRP inv problem.

I am having problems installing DerpRP on my DarkRP server. When I installed it, tab menu was broken and my start job was Joined/connected. Money was missing too.
Sry for bad english. Help me please.

I doubt that is a DerpRP problem.

I think that too. But many people installes it on their DarkRP server and says that it cool.

Cause this ( DERPRP are too old, and it’s not compatible with GMOD 13. I’m having the same problem!

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Wrong. It’s been updated for a while now.

Opps forgot updated version was on

It literally just looks like you need to restart your server.

Make sure glon is inside the proper folder. To check the proper folder just look at where it is inside the addon. I think it’s lua/autorun/module/includes or something like that. Secondly make sure the addon.txt or info.txt is renamed glon. That’s all I know. Also open your console and post any errors here that would be useful.

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However, this looks to me like something more than drpinv acting up.