DerpRP Inventory, couple of minor bugs...

Hello, I’m trying to fix 2 bugs with the inventory mod, made by jakegadget:
So I’m going to post them, hoping you guys have ideas.

  1. The pickup glitch

When you select a weapon from the inventory, using the option ‘pickup’ it doesn’t give you anything. Everything else works when you press pickup, just not the guns, I’m using mad cows weapons. I have some code that might be useful:

This is in lua/autorun/server/drpinv.lua:

local function useswep(ply, cmd, args)
	local item = tonumber(args[1])
	if !item or ply.inv.sweps[item] == nil then
		if shouldlog:GetBool() then
			print("[DrpInv]: " .. ply:Nick() .. " tried to use invalid swep " .. item .. "!")
	local ent = ents.Create("spawned_weapon")
	ent.weaponclass = ply.inv.sweps[item].class
	ent.ShareGravgun = true
	ent.nodupe = true
	ent:Use(ply, ply)
	if shouldlog:GetBool() then
		print("[DrpInv]: " .. ply:Nick() .. " dropped and used swep " .. item .. "!")
	ply.inv._size = ply.inv._size - 1
concommand.Add("drp_useswep", useswep)

So that adds the console command, I guess?

Anyway here is what’s in lua/autorun/client/cl_drpinv.lua:

		local use = vgui.Create("DButton", DPanel1)
		use:SetSize(45, 15)
		use:SetPos(360, 54)
		use.DoClick = function()
			RunConsoleCommand("drp_useswep", k)

So that is what it runs when you click the button ‘pickup’ i guess…?

Anyway, I added all the weapons in right, I am for sure on that, if you think i’m wrong here you go:

weps = {
	weapon_real_cs_desert_eagle = {
		name = "Desert Eagle", -- Print name
		desc = "\"BOOM! Headshot!\"" -- description
	weapon_real_cs_p228 = {
		name = "P228", -- Print name
		desc = "Why does it have numbers in its name? Who cares!" -- description
	weapon_real_cs_ak47 = {
		name = "AK47", -- Print name
		desc = "Stereotypical weapon of the terrorist." -- description
	weapon_real_cs_mp5a5 = {
		name = "MP5", -- Print name
		desc = "Baby-gun used by those SWAT guys." -- description
	weapon_real_cs_five_seven = {
		name = "Fiveseven", -- Print name
		desc = "It shoots bullets, what else need be said?" -- description
	weapon_real_cs_m4a1 = {
		name = "M4", -- Print name
		desc = "Iraqi nightmare." -- description
	weapon_real_cs_mac10 = {
		name = "Mac 10", -- Print name
		desc = "An automatic weapon for the rest of us." -- description
	weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun = {
		name = "Pump Shotty", -- Print name
		desc = "\"Get off my lawn...\"" -- description
	weapon_real_cs_g3sg1 = {
		name = "G3SG1", -- Print name
		desc = "Snipin Dem Bitchz" -- description
	weapon_real_cs_p90 = {
		name = "P90",
		desc = "Optimus's favorite.",
	weapon_real_cs_galil = {
		name = "Galil",
		desc = "Boom",

  1. Inventory not picking up DurgzMod

It doesn’t go into the inventory when I spawn it from the Drug Dealer class in the DarkRP f4 menu,
but when you spawn it from the Q menu, it does go into the inventory! So any ideas…?

Here is the code I put for adding the Drugs:

items = {
	durgz_aspirin = { -- classname
		name = "Aspirin", -- Print name
		desc = "For your headaches, or you could abuse it.", -- description
		useable = true, --can they use it from the invenotry?
		max = 0, --max that can be carried, 0 for infinate
		model = "models/jaanus/aspbtl.mdl" -- model
	durgz_acid = { -- classname
		name = "Acid", -- Print name
		desc = "Trip out", -- description
		useable = true, --can they use it from the invenotry?
		max = 0, --max that can be carried, 0 for infinate
		model = "models/smile/smile.mdl" -- model
	},--commands on all closing brackets except the last one
	durgz_alcohol = {
		name = "Alcohol",
		desc = "Get drunk",
		useable = true,
		max = 0,
		model = "models/drug_mod/alcohol_can.mdl",
	durgz_cigarette = {
		name = "cigarette",
		desc = "Basic Shiborro smokes",
		useable = true,
		max = 0,
		model = "models/boxopencigshib.mdl",
	durgz_cocaine = {
		name = "cocaine",
		desc = "Sniff dat shit",
		useable = true,
		max = 0,
		model = "models/cocn.mdl"
	durgz_heroine = {
		name = "heroine",
		desc = "Probably not a good idea to take this...",
		useable = true,
		max =  0,
		model = "models/katharsmodels/syringe_out/syringe_out.mdl",
	durgz_weed = {
		name = "weed",
		desc = "yeah man",
		useable = true,
		max = 0,
		model = "models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl",
	durgz_water = {
		name = "water bottle",
		desc = "For some reason this instantly wears off your high",
		useable = true,
		max = 0,
		model = "models/drug_mod/the_bottle_of_water.mdl",

So yeah, any ideas? Maybe something I could change in DarkRP that would make the Durgz that spawn from the F4 like the Q menu ones?

Thanks for your time, hope you can help!

Are you spawning drugz from a shipment? if so the entity you are targeting is not durgz_* but a spawned weapon with the same model which, on use, turns into the drugz. A workaround is remake a shipment for drugz. So when you use the new drugs shipment it make the drugz entity and not a spawned weapon.

That inventory is heavily bugged. I’m co-owner of a server and convinced the owner to remove it.

On top of nlr issues and rdmers having a ready supply of their chosen weapon at hand these are the following problems we have encountered.

Something goes wrong with saved shipments so they change class something. I think when the server crashes. So someone might buy a shipment of mac10s and end up with a shipment of galils.

Also I had a bug which if you use the shipment and alt + e it in a short amount of time the saved shipment still has full weapons. Effectively giving you infinite weapons.

I’ve also has some items disappearing when you “drop” them and like you said some of the buttons not working.

Also if you are using it with darkrp it removes all risk from the gundealer job.

Yours seems buggier then mine, forgot what I changed. But mine works perfectly except for those two things, So thanks for the advice, I’ll see what I can do!