DerpRP Inventory SWEP

I’ve been trying to code this myself but I’m very inexperienced.

I simply want an swep that functions with DerpRP inventory (

Controls; Left click - pick up item. / Right clock - drop item. / Reload - Open inventory.

Thanks - Ratt

I think i have what you need, look on this video at the inventory part, is that what you mean?

Actually a lot of that looks nice and I would use it!

But what im looking for is an swep that functions like the DarkRP Pocket, only it works with the DerpRP Inventory addon.

Its a SWEP, you use it. Basicly i made it so you left click to store stuff (shipments, etc…) then press R or F2 to bring up your inventory, etc, etc> It is the darkrp pocket but insted of them going into your pocket, they go into your inventory.

Exactly. Same I idea as the pocket, just a persisting inventory. I know this is possible because I’ve seen it in use.

Its easily possible to make.