DES hacking clan

We can all agree that DES the whole clan are hackers
As they admitted In the chat about 5 hours ago on the US server that They nstep and lag switch.
We can all also say that these kids need to be banned Because They was raiding My base And at the same time Killing other people around the world?! as i saw complaints about shadowalker killing multiple people And he was raiding my base as he killed me aswell
They didn’t hack the first time They tried to raid us because they thought it would be easy…
but their poor skill led them to nstepping and teleport hacking…
These kids need to be banned. They are ruining the whole game for people…

DES stands for dick eaters And thats exactly what they are.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb drama/missed the hackers thread" - postal))

No proof or evidence?

unfortunatly my computers not fast enough to record any videos of this :confused:
But everyone on the server Saw as they said themselves they was nsteppers.
Then later on decliened It by saying it was people impersonating them

which is very possible with the renaming tool that they provide us…

Wait Goten, havent u been the guy who killed me (I had no weapon and u said friendly, before killing me with shotgun) and after killing me you shot like 40-60 bullets into my corpse?

If they really use hacks they need to be banned, yes! But people like u ruin the game for new players (like me) too. Please, think about that.

dirtymike you started at us first O_O only reason we torture you now XD! but if you wish i can stop bugging you :3
But i only do that if i get messed with I want to make the players time on the game a living hell

When and where have I killed u, since I usually do not carry any weapons with me :wink:

Yes But why would the same guy who called himself the nstepper Say it was skill Moments later after done raiding our base…
They were part of DES because it was about 3 of them and i know the des clan to not be fair…
as i read the forums everyday of people complaining about them. after we killed a phew nsteppers these kids would teleport back into our base Fully geared and kill us once again.

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from that base ;3 u started shooting at me and my douchbag buddy thats why we made your stay a living hell lol like i said ill stop

Just wanted to let you know that it is not the problem for me that u killed me, just the fact that u said friendly and then after I said friendly too you pulled your shotgun. You could have killed me without saying that, would have been much more fair.

But I think we’re fine now :slight_smile:

I did that after i saw your name im like in my mind Oh hail nah. -Boom-

It’s pointless posting theese if you don’t have any proof, it’s just spam.

If people was on the us server that saw The chat Atleast 30-40 people called the whole clan faggots Im sure someone will agree that their hackers

Either way, it’s an alpha it’s stated plenty of times allover the forums, deal with it, people will exploit things if they are exploitable, it’s always been like this throughout the history of gaming.

In my opinion just grow a pair and just wait for the game to get all of this patched and then when you can’t cheat anymore you can enjoy the full game with no cheats.

Rust will be great, have patience and just stop making posts about it, too many people cheating and if you’d make a post for every single one there would just be a lot of talk about cheaters than actual productive posts about the game.

Lag switching is nothing they can fix…
only way to fix it is to ban the player simple

Please do post the qoute when they said it’s not fixable.

OP dont worry, devs are aware these kids abuse N stepping because they cant win either way.
earlier today we were N stepping their entire team while helk was in our teamspeak.
showing these kids a lesson before he patches it.

its sad when your bad at a game and require exploits and cheat…
when you cheat and still lose… you need a new hobby

RIP [Des]Clan

I can confirm after infiltrating the [DES] clan and playing with Shadowalker and his team that they are all bad shots and utilize all kinds of cheats and exploits to have their way, Shadowalker is a very immature person and takes this game way to serious, he also has a very warped sense of justice.

I qoute: “We need to do exactly what they do to us, if they dupe we need to do it aswell to keep on par with the enemy” - Shadowalker/TheMap

I do not recommend joining their clan as they are all bad shots and use exploits to find an end to their means and in the future probably wont stop having this agenda so prepare for a ban if you fly with their colors.

Please provide proof. Fraps on one of the more contributory clans in-game. As it is now, this is as baseless as one saying that Helk was hacking with Esco; false accusations tarnish legit players.