Descent 3 model ports

I’m currently porting each models to 3d studio max, the only problem is, I’m not very good at adding bones to the models, for instance I ported the Hellion boss robot from Descent 3 level 15 and I’m trying to make it into a ragdoll.
The tools I used are OOF Editor to export them to an OOF (Outrage Object format) file, then I used 3dsgen.exe (for converting Descent 3 OOF files to .3ds files), and I converted the OGFs (Outrage Graphics Format) to TGA files using the D3 Image Tool, and then I imported the models to 3dsmax 2014 (yes it’s an authentic student edition that I got for free by entering a random college name from the autodesk site). I’ll do the porting of the D3 models, no problem, but I need someone to add bone structures to the model.

Here’s the 7zip file containing the textures and .max file for the rigging of the Hellion

I’ll import more Descent 3 models into 3DSMAX later