Descent 3 model rips

Since it’s already been done with the Descent 3 Pyro GL and the apparently beta Pyro GX from Descent 4, could anyone be so kind as to rip me the other two ships from the game and all of the weapon models? I plan to use them in a gamemode and I’ll be sure to credit you wherever needed.

Wait, Pyro GL has been ported?

Yeah, I got it and the GX on two years ago, unfortunately the download’s since disappeared. I still have the zip of them both if you want it.

You do? Grand, If you give them to me, ill re-upload them to cause Unknown (The guy who ported it from what I have read) has not responded to me.


This really shouldn’t be hard to do since there’s a utility on PlanetDescent that exports everything to .3ds format intact (or so it says)

Is there now, may I have a link?

Yeah sure:

Also do you still need the models? I’ve got them on my server and I can get them off and send them your way if you do (or you can download the model pack my server uses, which has them in it:

More utils in case there’s something else needed:

Yeah I got one of the sign models in 3DS max, but trying to find the textures for it is really hard.