Descent 3 Models

My first foray into 3DS Max. Oh boy.

What’s going to be in this pack:

All primary and secondary weapon pickups.
All countermeasures (sand maybe gunboy, I can’t find the deployed model, only the pickup, check back later)
Invunerability (when I fix the animations)
Energy (when I fix the animations)
Laser tracers and deployed missile and countermeasure models. Not of much use for posers but I’m not intending on using them for such.
All ships sans Black Pyro until I reinstall Mercenary.
The Monsterball.
The Marker.

I’ve already imported all all of these into 3ds, I just need to export them. Check back later if you care.

Also if anyone asks, the utilities I’m using to port these are 3dsgen and MaxOOFUtility.

The pics reminded me of Star Rangers, damn those were good times.
Especially that white and green missile, it looks alot like the most powerful missile in Star Rangers(I cant remember the name).

The models look a bit low-poly tho, but its pretty good for a start I guess.

They’re low poly because they’re from Descent 3. The game was made in 1999.

Oh shit, I didnt read properly, I thought you made the models.

Just had to say, wow, you talk to alot of freinds…


Rest should go faster since I actually know what I’m doing now.


(Unknown’s Pyro and zombies are for scale, I’ll be porting my own Pyro GL later that will have attachment points for coding purposes, I’m pretty sure his doesn’t have any)

I’ll finish tomorrow, I’m going to bed.

Cool, I remember porting that forever ago. I don’t think I did the weapons however, just the ship and the missiles.
You might want to smooth the models so the lighting isn’t so blocky looking.

I sense a nostalgia Coma coming on…
passes out

I’ll start work on these again tonight or tomorrow, been busy with other things. Need to at least get the weapons done.