Descent Pyro-GX and Pyro-GL: Six degrees of freedom flight in Garry's Mod

This is largely a work-in-progress, but the flight is 100% finished and the HUD is half finished or so. Still have a lot more to add. Sounds are coming when the HUD is finished and then weapons. I intend to remake every single weapon in Descent 2 and Descent 3 along with some from Pyromania. Same goes for the ships. These specific models were ported by ??Unknown?? but I’ll be porting my own later. This will all culminate into a gamemode I’m planning.[/media]

For those who are unfamiliar with the Descent HUD:

The blue orb represents your shields/hit points.
The yellow bar represents your energy, the ammo for half of your weapons and the power for your afterburner.
The red bar represents your current afterburner level, which is basically sprint.
Two black squares (not shown) will show your Primary and Secondary weapons currently selected.

Current controls are as follows and most likely will be the final controls:

W - Accelerate
S - Reverse
A - Slide Left
D - Slide Right
Space - Slide Up
Ctrl - Slide Down
Q - Roll Left
E - Roll Right
Mouse1 - Fire Primary (obviously nothing happens when you press this, right now)
Mouse2 - Fire Secondary (ditto)

Special thanks to Ghor for help on the client side of things.


Here’s two videos from Descent 2 and Descent 3, respectively. I tried to emulate the flight physics as best I could and the HUD is largely a conglomeration of both games and a few changes.



Just thought I’d show you all. I intend on releasing all of my work when the gamemode is in a stable state. More about that when I’m actually working on it.


I don’t see any rule preventing me from making my own thread. I’m mostly going to be using this to keep tabs on the changes I make.

That, and the WAYWO thread should probably be stickied so I realize it exists. I totally forgot it even existed.

The one thing I don’t like about WAYWO, is it eliminates the expanded amount of feedback one can usually get if the topic is focused on them.

WAYWO is cheap and fast. Submit something, get a rating, move on. I’m glad someone made a thread, because it actually was like a slap in the face.

Anyway, back to your stuff, sorry.

Are these custom modeled to be replicas? Or are they ripped and converted? They look good. I like the work done so far.

I really like the idea of this, seems it would be great to play! Can’t wait to see more about this in the future.

??Unknown?? ripped the Pyro-GL from Descent 3 and converted the GX model to Source. I forget who made the model itself.

Oh wow, coolio.

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I really like your avatar.

If you want to play the original games so you know what to expect when(if) Justice releases his gamemode,

GoodOldGames is selling Descent 1 & 2, and Descent 3 + expansion for $6 a “pack”. And no, they don’t ship CDs, it’s legal online downloadable games.

Before you ask, I’m not advertising, just stating there’s where you can get D2 and D3 if you want a taste of the fun.

I’m glad I re-read the post before posting to ask for this. Happily waiting for this to be released, I loved the original Descent.


Please make a singleplayer version without the debriefing shit that D3 was plagued with.

I’d love to fight malfunctioning mining robots in pseudo zero-G with giant rockets full of napalm and a machine gun that could blow apart everything but walls.

… What?

You can just press the Power button in the lower right to make the debriefing go away instantly.




Been working on the HUD a bit. Everything so far has been converted to VGUI panels and I’ve been making the thing look more authentic. I need to remake the weapon selection boxes, put a wireframe ship in the middle of the shield orb, and separate the floated numbers from the rest of the status panel and move them up a bit (maybe, I dunno about this yet, might keep them where they are.) Additionally, everything seen here scales properly on every resolution and maintains the correct aspect ratio.

Gradients and a working shield display!

Are you going to make gm_showspare1 toggle between HUD and text-only like Descent 2? Not a required feature, but would be nice to have.

I doubt it. Not much to gain by doing that.

Wow, been waiting for the models to be ported in but never expected anything like this. Nice work. Any plans on releasing a guidebot with it that simply orbits your ship?

I don’t know if I’m going to port the Guidebot model yet. I’m going to be porting every ship model from Descent 3 and Pyromania to replace ??Unknown??'s models. I’m also going to port most of the weapon models. My eventual plan (for the gamemode) is to make it so you can choose what ship you spawn with and your pickups change accordingly. The Pyro-GX will have only Descent 2 weapons and see everything as D2-style sprite pickups, for example.

If you can get a Blackshark Missile into Garry’s Mod, I will start playing GMod again.

Of course! I intend to remake every weapon to the best of my ability. It’s a slightly ambitious project, but the only really difficult part is making the effects and porting the models, mostly because I don’t know anything about modeling. I know how to port models from D3 though and I’ve done it before, but all of my previous work got lost in a reformat.

Good luck.