Description of Objects & Items

Hello. New to the forums and the game. I have spent massive amounts of time reading through the forums and viewing tutorials on Youtube, and I keep getting stuck in the same place. First, I have searched the forums for a topic related, and I hope this is not a double post I do apologize if it is.

I am attempting to place a name or location to obtain a few of the following things, and I will try to be descriptive as possible. Often I see on Youtube tutorials that builders have some type of construction assistant that places “grid” lines on the objects to ensure that all placement is squared off and flush. What is the name of this thing, and any place(s) it could be obtained. ***Found right after post. Link = “”. Called: Official SmartSnap 1.0.0 ***

Also, does a pack or packs of the objects that would be available by having the numerous HL2 games installed such as TF2 of CS:S available to be downloaded as a pack or packs as mentioned? I would love to use this games full potentional and to possibly expand of previous ideas or create my own by using some of these objects and tools that I am seeing other people use. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

-Korri! GunZ

The stuff in these games (minus the maps in the last one) can be used in Garry’s Mod if you own them and tell Garry’s Mod to mount them. The games are:
[ul]Counter Strike: Source[/ul]
[ul]Day of Defeat: Source[/ul]
[ul]Half Life 2: Deathmatch[/ul]
[ul]Half Life 2: Episode 1[/ul]
[ul]Half Life 2: Episode 2[/ul]
[ul]Half Life 2: Lost Coast[/ul]
[ul]Half Life: Deathmatch: Source[/ul]
[ul]Half Life: Source[/ul]
[ul]Team Fortress 2[/ul]
[ul]Zeno Clash[/ul]
And of course Half Life 2

Yes thanks for the post, but if read above I am already aware of this. What I am attempting to locate the items that would be available from these games without getting the games. Attempting to obtain the items in a pack or even individually if possible without having to purchase some or all of the games on the list. Is this a possibility and if so where can I be pointed?

Buy them, problem solved. The orange box is only $29.99. That would get you five different games you can use for new content.

Then you get GCFscrape and install them the proper way.

That would be warez.
You either you buy the games or get no content.