Desert bunker

Hello people.

I am looking for a long time a map.

It is a small desert map with a large bunker. This is under the earth, that is something more hidden. Through a large, round gate you get into the bunker. Then you go a gangway down and you come along to one parking space. The bunker has also a lab in there. In addition, the card contains episode 2 content.

I have painted two pictures for you to help you something.
I hope you know what I mean.

With many greetings,-little_Smoke

I want to tell him, but I don’t want to get banned again :sigh: Would like to see this done though.

I remember seeing a map that fit this description and pictures perfectly on FPSBanana a while ago. It was in the CS:S maps section.

There is a requests section for a reason…use it!

This map already exists though. He just wants to find the name.

PM it to him?

Actually…if you read the post, he wants it made. The drawing is his own for an idea he has had.

It could be interpreted both ways. I’m assuming English is not his first language, but he never says he wants it made, he says he is looking for it. He also states that (the map I’m assuming) contains Ep2 content.

Has this map been made?
Do you want it made?

This map really exists. I played it a long time ago. I drawed the pictures to show you how the map look like.

I am looking for a long time a map.

In addition, the card contains episode 2 content.

yeah, no.

ninja’d, but I was still right, fuck yeah

This almost sounds like RP_cscdesert, but it probably isn’t.

no sorry, it isn’t. The map, I’m looking for is much smaller.

Oh i remember this map, Let me find a download.


Fuck me, I can’t find it!! I remember seeing it on ages ago… It was a vmf of the map your describing.

Yeah. It was on, but they deleted it.

I really do remember this map… I will keep looking for you though.

rly? Thank you! You are the best :smiley:

Yeah really :v: I wanna play this map again now :xd:

I found on Youtube a video of the map Ô.ó

And there is a link for 3 vmf files on

But the Uploader says:

** "Vmf is here:

(this is NOT what you save to your maps folder, you need to compile it in Hammer before you can play it. I don’t have a BSP file of it anymore)**


Ahh dude your amazing :v:


Anyone think i should make a bunker map? :holy:

Omg yeah!

I have no experience with the Hammer editor and if you could do that, I would be really happy!