Desert Chase

Blur of the background may looks little weird, becouse it’s not Super DOF, but Simple DOF+Photoshop :slight_smile:

It’s different, me likes.

Nice. Where can the bike be located?

Dean’s gta4 packs from, it’s the “Sachez” bike.

Great use of the…smudge?

Nope. Only brushes and smooth.

Cool picture. Any anyways i think the hair is made with smudge :smiley:

I like the idea the dust.

Other antlions don’t care.

Pretty cool. The dust is rather sharp though.

gahahah ahahahah
this is freakin’ awesome. i like :smiley:

This is really coolio


This looks really nice. Well done, although the muzzleflash looks strange. It looks like it belongs in TF2.

Yea. I tried to do it with photoshop, because standards are too big, but muzzleflashes are my weakest side in shopping :slight_smile:

This shows how badass Gordon Freeman is.

I love how the hair is seen as blowing with the speed.