Desert deployment.

Apologies for brown but gm_atomic is a bit brown and i only realised after i’d taken the screenshots.

I had the helicopter skins left over from a roleplay i made them for and felt like doing something with them. Rotors are a bit shit, i think.

Get out frog is here to kill the commies!

Just look at that brave stare in the helicopter!

I’d imagine the choppers would kick up more dust.

nice and would you mind releasing those skins?

left 4 dead national guard

search it

Nah, the dust is glued to the ground you see.

that’s an understatement.

then you might also get dust striking the rotors and sparking - that looks cool as all fuck. there are a few photos floating around but i can’t be bothered to find them.

I see the GET OUT frog.

Posing is good overall and as Billiam said, the helicopters should be kicking up more dust

Yeah, the posing is excellent, but dust is missing. I don’t know if you did, but if you zoomed in slightly and tilted the camera a tad bit, it might have looked better.

Also good to see you doing something else than ME-poses (can’t say I’m any better :v:)

I meant the helicopter skins.

The shadow for the heli is fucked
turn down that layers opacity.

I think overall it looks great, but as well as the dust, those backpacks look too large and stand out waaay too much compared to the camo of the soldiers themselves

what about the backpack?

Look at the post dates man.

Don’t post on threads like over a week old lol.

Oh fck, I just bumped it…