Desert Shield.

Bonus-y thing:

I like the bonus more.

First one is too empty, also some wonky posing.

Nice pic! I quite like the bonus pic.

I found the emptiness to be very accurate. If you know what Operation Desert Shield is about, you should know that Operation Desert Shield is the first phrase of the 1991 Gulf War where the United States was building up her forces in the DESERT of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi desert is suppose to be empty…

I also don’t find the posing to be wonky. There are more than one way to hold a weapon or walk.

You are right about it being somewhat accurate based on its emptiness, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. There could be rocks placed around, a shrub, a road, the sky could have some clouds and a subtle sunset. It’s not completely empty :stuck_out_tongue:

The posing is kind of awkward in the way they stand and walk. The person in the foreground looks like he shit himself! Haha. His legs are too far apart, his right leg should be bent as if he’s taking a step, feet shouldn’t be pointed perfectly straight, and should also touch the ground. Would help if his head was looking around scanning the desert as opposed to staring down something off screen. For the 2nd guy, he’s not even walking. Needs to have some motion or else you lose the consistency of your scene. Right now he looks stiff and extremely out of place. That goes the same for the 3rd soldier. Just needs some more motion and needs to seem like they’re doing something. The way they are holding their weapons is a tad awkward but it’s not entirely incorrect.

Still lots of room to improve, keep at it and you’ll get better in some weak points. But still a good shot!

(Message primarily meant for RainBD7)