Desert Shootout + Antlion Headshot

Both posed by ChestyMcGee, edited by me.



Please C&C

I like the contrast and burning on the second picture, especially on the antlion at the back. Nice work, and thanks for editing mah pics! :3

Thank you, tho I never burn :v:

First one is ruined by it’s blur of shit

(User was banned for this post ("Asshole" - Jaanus))

I do not agree, I do think the explosion looks kinda bad though.

But overall both of them look very good.

Yeah I’m horrible at making explosions :v: but it looked more actiony with it.

You should really stop being so rude. There’s no need for it and your criticisms aren’t helpful to the editor at all.

Everyones so kiss-ass to you and Hairy, maybe being blunt is the only way he is going to see his mistakes. You learnt from everyones nice critisism and you have vastly improved, yet Hairy is still as bad as when i left. Maybe you should stop being no nice.

I do not care if you are butthurt goldenbullet, give C&C or you can leave the thread. You are derailing it. :slight_smile:

GB you really need to get your facts straight before you go chatting this bullshit because I’ll have you know that Hairy left at around the time you did and has been very sporadic in his activity up to a couple of weeks ago at most.


Any more comments? :v:

Are they face or eyeposeble?


I just noticed.

I have no idea, ask chesty :v:

I like the second picture the most, but go easy on the blood’s motion blur mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Eye-poseable, but sadly not face-poseable.

seems like people really enjoy editing chestys picture :v:

yeah that’s crazy, especially in the main thread

Yeah I really enjoyed editing both of these pics.

So Chesty, go and pose more stuff now!! :smiley: