Desert Soldier

I’ve made this as a posing test, and i think it came out pretty well:


if there is anything to improve tell me


post or/and rate please

Maybe a different camera angle, seems like a nice pose.
the gun ** MAY ** be a bit low but no biggie.
Not bad keep posing. you’ll be great in no time. :smiley:

A diferent camera angle would have been nice but i sure like the pose, next time if you want to make it uber ask me to edit :smiley: Gold starred.

hmmmm i thought the angle was quite good :frowning:

but thanks for the tips

oh and golden?
you may still edit it if you want

Beautiful made!:slight_smile: Continue this way. You get a golden star of me :slight_smile:

thanks wookiepelt

To make the pose look nicer you shouldn’t let the stock stick out like that.
Put it into his shoulder and add a bit of thin rope to it to make it look like a strap :wink:

Hey, nice posing! Better than i can…Get GIMP, or buy photoshop and look up a tutorial and edit your pics!

Posing is good but the left side of the pic is too plain

I agree.

Wow! A rating plus “I!” The picture is bland and to be honest, pretty bad. Try including more of the character and less bomb drop places.

I supose it is kinda bland but I don’t think it was intended to be a action shot. Perhaps more of a somehow dramatic shot. Either way I liked it, and kudos for breaking away from the usual M4 equiped soldiers and using the XM8!

it looks like he’s taking one of those myspace pics.

actually he does :smiley:

anymore replies?

Here is a quick attempt at editing. Nothing special.

Mmmm… it sees nice nicely, but not terrible :slight_smile:

It’s very good. I think the camera angle is great. Maybe add a couple of CT’s defusing a bomb while he keeps a look out?

thanks :smiley:

Crappy angle, posing is decent :slight_smile:

thanks for the tips