Desert wars idea

Hi. i have been played stranded and winter survival. ofc many more mods but those are survival mods.
i have been thinking of idea about Desert. like you spawn in middle of desert and you need to find place to rest and drink before you get too thirsty. then you start building stuff and soon you will have people helping you when they camed to your spot and asking for help. then you helped them and they do the same for you maybe. i know this doesn’t sound good but it could be good if it would start. say me if you know how to make these things and you would like to make. i got lots of ideas what there could be.

like these would be need= Thirsty, rest, heat.

thirsty= would be like something to drink ofc.

rest= if you sprint too much you need to rest but if you don’t you might stop or slow.

heat= don’t be too much on direct sunlight and you can also reduce it with drinking.

there would be ni physgun because it would greate prop pushing blocking and you know the rest.

if you would like to build there would be like ghost like in winter survival. but its very important that you can put them to other building. and you can break everything. like wood = like everything, iron/copper/stone with exploses or effective weapons.

so think about it. tell me if you are intrested.

This sounds like a decent idea. So basically it is stranded, but with more emphasis on the thrist, and now you have to watch you body heat. Now how do you plan on getting the water? Is there an abandoned warehouse of water and supplies, or is there an oiasis? You should add food, cause I don’t think you can survive just off water. There also should be random attacks from antlions, just to add a little amount of realism (you arent always going to be alone in a desert).

yeah you got good ideas too. oasis could be the best. yeh food could be good for realism but how do you get it? antlions? coconuts? and i don’t know how to make mods. thats why this is only idea

The best idea is the get the food from the antlions. I dont know how to use lua, so I really cant help you, except to give ideas.

same here lol