Deserted metropolis under a starry sky


Amazing, I really like this.

The shading looks pretty lazily done, and the night sky looks a little “unnatural” like it shouldn’t be there.

Neat idea, but not executed very well.


The prop placement and all that isn’t bad as well

I think it is natural, since its destroyed there is no ambient light so a more abundance of stars will appear. I like that shading though, but I have to admit the glow on the objects is a bit extensive.


Is that a waterfall on a building???

The shading looks pretty lazily done, and the sky looks really really sharp. Prop-placement is good.

Awfully bright for a night scene…but nice scenebuild anyway.

awesome scenebuild

Since the world is probably the thing that has been abandoned, there would be less light pollution, and no smog, which equals a brighter night sky.


But actually the general lighting is a bit too bright.

Thats just overfurnished.

The shading is a bit spastic and you isolated absolutely fuck all, but I love the colours and the scene itself

Wow looks good, would like to live there.

the burn job of this is absolutely atrocious

the sky doesn’t blend in at all either

Hel-lo new wallpaper

Is it just me or does the waterfall look off slightly?

Good job!