Desertia, a Sci-Fi Roleplaying Experience

The Xenon System: Story-Based Sci-Fi RP Community

Before I introduce the Desertia RP Community and Universe, let me first say a few things.
I, naughtydog, AKA Mr. Cuddles, am one of the head administrators in our Admin council. If you have any questions or concerns, I will gladly answer them.

MINGES AND POOR RPERS will not be allowed.
We are a serious RP community, and we will kick or ban people if they are showing obvious signs of minging, poor RP, or Dark-RP actions (i.e. Physminging, DeathMatching, Exploiting, Demanding Guns, speaking in incomprehensible 1337 or ALL CAPS, inappropriate prop-blocking, trying to use NLR, ect.). We will accept newbies and such, but you must show that you want to improve seriously before we will help you.

So, with that, let me proudly introduce The Xenon System Roleplay:

- What is TheXenonSystemRP? -

TheXenonSystemRP is a Garrysmod Roleplay script that takes place in the year 2365 AD, when humanity has successfully ventured into space and colonized to the reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity both profits and struggles with all that space colonization had brought. The player starts off as a citizen, and they must discover a way to survive amongst humanity’s struggles against threats both human, alien, natural, and unknown.

TheXenonSystemRP takes place on planet Desertia. This planet, Desertia, is located in the Xenon System, a system 5,000 Light Years from the Sol system and the origins of humanity. The planet is harsh, and war-torn, and the fight to survive is inevitable.

This desert-barren wasteland is a site for some of the fiercest struggles and the toughest survivors in the galaxy. The hotbed of conflict between an imposing hostile empire and the small private military corporation that maintains order, the threats on Desertia are numerous, but the possibilities for wealth are endless. Some people come for fortune, others by fate, but everyone finds a way to survive in the blood-stained sands.

Areta: (Possible Future Project)
// Areta was a project that we had planned up for quite some time, and even initiated for a while. However, after the server host went belly-up, we decided to save it for a time when people we’d have enough people to populate both servers at once.

In the struggle to survive, you are not alone. From individuals to factions, each find their niche on Desertia. For the surviving newcomers, several factions stand available to join, from the Close Endeavors PMC, to travelling traders, bandit groups, and an underground terrorist group. Continuing alone is not suggested, but the best still manage to.

- What is the TXS Community? –

TXS is the creation of over 3 years of work by a dedicated, motivated, and canon Garrysmod Roleplayers. What first began as the DesertiaRP community soon expanded into another server and planet, and the unification soon resulted in the creation of HorizonRP, a combined community of stellar and dedicated roleplayers who are backed by some of the best Administrators, some of which have over 4 years of administrative experience. We are always open to concerns, questions, and suggestions.

We encourage players to create a character that will live not as a mere avatar that the player can control, but as a character in the overall storyline in the universe. We invite them to develop and expand their character’s background, based on what the player creates and what happens in the universe. For some, this is a task that seems superfluous; to many others, this is the opportunity to truly show what they can do with their character and their roleplay.

We are a community that is not overly bound with rules or adhering strictly to reality, but we do not allow overly impossible or unfair things either. We enforce both Seriousness and Tolerance. Our administrative team tries to be as hands off as possible on one’s creation, but we will step in if things go too awry. If you follow our fair, serious, balanced, and easy guidelines, you are free to do as you wish; if you do not, you will be hearing from us.

If you are a Newer RPer, we can offer you a safe and exciting server to partake in. Here, you can improve on your RP, gain new skills, and move up the RP ladder, so long as you show us that you are willing to try, persist, and improve.
If you are a Serious Veteran RPer, your expertise will be put to good use. Serious RPers are always a good addition, and you can help become a rolemodel for others and show them how it’s done, in addition to RPing with other serious RPers. In addition, if you’re the type that puts a lot of heart, thought, and development into your character, we encourage that and the RP it brings. Just remember: you must stay inside the behavior guidelines as well.

- The Importance of Community –

At TXS, Community is one of the most important aspects that we try to focus on.
No RP server would survive without a good community: we have lasted for so long thanks to our dedicated, truthful, experienced, and overall awesome collection of administrators and players, all of whom come from all over the place. (Many helped make this advertisement you’re reading now)

To reinforce this, we have developed an advanced and complex system for players to become more involved in the community. Here’s a list of things that any player can do:

-Suggest and Request things for the server
-Partake in the representative-democratic process, voting for major concerns that affect everyone.
-Join one of several In Character Factions, ranging from a PMC dedicated to protecting the people to traveling traders to a terrorist organization.
-Suggest ideas for Factions!
-Player-run Groups. Don’t be constrained by Factions, as players can create their own groups for their characters in-server; examples are mercenary groups and some bandit gangs. These groups get their own section in the forums, enabling them to organize and announce rules, news, and events.
-Join the Community Development Team to help the community by utilizing your unique skill set. Modelers, Mappers, Skinners, Coders, and Ad-makers are always welcome!
-Join in Picture and Posing contests we have periodically (AKA Randomly)

- The Roleplay Classroom –

Perhaps one of the most original achievements that few, if any, communities have done is offer a guide to help lower-RPers advance up the RP aptitude ladder. Ranging from the Basic RP level to the Expert, we have broken each RP level down to its essential parts, and have written guides for each part as to what that part is, and how others can achieve that. The RP classroom has helped people improve their RP, in this server and in others.

**-What are a few things that we offer?–

-RP Freedom
-RP Variety
-RP Community**

-A growing and thriving RP community
-An immersive universe
-Something other than DarkRP, “Real Life RP”, and HL2RP.
-A great custom-modified gamescript that offers immersion and several features. (Features are noted below)
-An arsenal of custom coded and custom hexed high-definition weapons
-Possibilities for additions from requests from community members
-Server-wide events that are player driven: the choices you make then determine the outcome.
-A unique custom-made armor script. Body armor will be calculated and protect the player based on hit placement and quality of the armor.
-An ever-vigilant Administration team with years of experience. Don’t be afraid to contact them with questions or concerns: we’d prefer to know about flaws than ignore them!
-Custom Content.

- Admin Team –
(In alphabetical order. Yay!)

Jack Stone
Mr. Cuddles

- Come Visit the Forums -

Registration on the forums is needed for,
-Creating a character in our database
-Joining a Faction
-Creating a Group
-Accessing the RP guide
-Recommending Stuff
-Joining a Community Team
-And more…

Desertia Wiki

Check out Desertia’s Wiki page at

- Ready to Join? -

Follow this link for step by step instructions on how to gain the full effect of TXS:…t=ST&f=64&t=929

- Come Visit the Server -

Required Content:…
Server IP:
Hot Times: Weekend Afternoons, Usually.
Upcoming Event date: None currently

Thank you for looking,
And we hope to see you in-server sometime!

-Col. StaR, Mr. Cuddles

I would join but… Jones is an idiot…

I joined some DesertiaRP server once

They didn’t let me spawn props or anything, so I hoarded up a bunch of stuff around the town and assembled them in to a primitive space vehicle. I then took some small orb thing from someone’s crashed space shuttle and welded it on to my car. They got mad at me in OOC so I decided to leave, as they couldn’t respond in an roleplaying fashion.

Sounds cool! I will try

Sounds awesome! Going to download the pack and join right away.

There was a server that used our name at one point, but the situation has been resolved.

I played this a few times, but then stopped for a bit. I’m starting to see a gradual increase in players on the server though.

I played there for a short time, as I remember the admins and VIPS would seclude themselves in their own private RPs and leave the rest of the players out of it completely. If you even tried to interfere you would be killed or kicked.

Community has undergone a change in management since then, I can assure you those days are gone, as long as you bring good RP to the table your welcome to join in.

I remember those times too, but that was a long time ago. The people who were, “OMG, Elitist RP Group” were pretty much tossed out, or left subsequently thereafter.
Now that there’s new management, there’s been some good changes.

If you’re new to the RP, feel free to make appropriate RP introductions and such. That doesn’t mean feel free to walk into peoples’ houses just to say hi (You have no idea how many times that happens), but just chat and introduce yourselves. Don’t expect people to do it for you, and you’ll meet plenty of people soon enough.

Feel free to join. If you want to join a faction you’ll want to wait a certain amount of time (two weeks minimum) to possibly increase your chances of getting accepted.