Desertia Roleplay - Oh my god. Its not HL2!


mmmm can i build like clean out a hosue delete the props and build it from the ground up or do i half to pay


I dont believe in paying for any trust. All you need to get something is to tell me what you will do with it.


Story updated

I’ll check it out.It seems interesting.


Hasn’t this been through the reborn and then it dies within 2 weeks phase like 10 times already?

Desertia RP that is.


The search button is your friend, already an established Desertia RP community…
A few of the ads…

Desertia is already a pretty well established community, we’d appreciate it if you’d change your name to avoid confusion.

Vampires? Really?

Dammnit. Came up with the name before I saw those ><

Yeah brah, you should rename your community, so it doesn’t cause confusion, nor will it create any accusations or conspiracies to be thrown around, either.

I’ve seen this server in action, problem is it is awfully inactive.

I love it. The title has been changed to Desertrend something or another.

Desertia is 100% passive, if your into passive roleplay with no action, give it a try.

Cold blooded gangster kill with guns!