Why DarkRP though? Why not something like G3, which should release sometime soon hopefully. DarkRP will just fill it with bad roleplayers and 9 year old children most likely. Well anyway, good luck with it.


Gundealer is about 1/6 of all DarkRP problems.

Most of those bugs are ** very ** easy to fix and only require the time to find them. Most are just spelling errors or missing global stuff.

It’s the whining that makes me rage.

Well atleast its SOMETHING, compared to all the other darkrp servers that add 50 more guns and say “Tis makes rp better”


Switched over to a fixed cakescript.

Define fixed?

Switched over to a fixed Un-Schuified cakescript

Read the bold

Fallout 3 models are coming up as errors. Im going to switch over to new models. Get that, then copy the models and materials to your main Garrysmod directory I believe. Sorry if I sound idiotic. Ive never setup custom models on cake before. Hoping that this works.

Lol… Why would people join when the owner can’t even put in 3rd party models? Seriously dude… You should learn these things before attempting to start a community in my opinion.

With some help from a friend, we got some stalker models working. Ill be on right now.