Design A Base For Me Pls

Hey, I’d like someone to help me design my base/give me some base tips. I’m planning on upgrading my entire base to armored, so I’d like to have a more compact building design. (2x2 or 3x3 maybe, advise me.) I’d like some help from someone experienced to tell me a rough outline of placing signs/elevators/walls and size/bear traps/metal spikes/1x1 shacks with extra cupboards/cupboard placement and others. Maybe a small sniper room with windows to defend the base, but with a closed roof with spikes on top. (I’d like to both prevent and combat raid tower building and effectiveness)

Thanks so much for your time, I understand it is valuable. Thanks for the help.
(Since I’m some 1 post skid, I’ll attempt to contribute later :wink:

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Nobody? C’mon we gotta have some skilled raiders/base makers here…

1x1 out of twigs done boom best base na, Why would I help id rather raid an easier base.

I’d advise experimenting, find out what you like. It depends on the server you play on and how much time you have or are willing to spend. The more time you have and the less players on a server the more creative you can be, but if your only priority is raiding then creativity is mostly irrelevant.
To find ideal bases for Raid Prevention watch the raid cam videos and learn from what they build. These teach what to do and what not to do. If you want to test your building, raid it yourself.
Experiment with both square and triangles, i prefer triangles(with a some squares added) their more flexible and you get better designs.

modded servers with resource multipliers, or builder servers are a good place too, since you can focus on testing your designs rather than harvesting res; just keep in mind that total cost if you move back to a vanilla server, since it will be harder to get enough resources to build what you built on the modded servers.

anyone know of a decent builder server just for testing ideas?

as for the original post, I like 3x3 towers. Move out of the ground floor asap and place your cupboard on at least the next floor up. if you keep the stairs twig and behind an armored or metal wall, the corresponding c4 explosion will destroy the stairs preventing upper floor access.

Place cupboards on all the corners (if the base is big enough). I have EASILY tower raided multiple bases because of really bad placed cupboards (it’s always possible, just don’t make it easy), and start on 3rd floor.

You should be good to go

And do not place your master cupboard on the ground floor lol

And place metal barricades on your roof. Multi layer even… ( just pillars and floor + metal barricades ). They will wast a lot or rockets / C4 trying to clear out part. Most of the time nobody bothers with metal barricaded roofs and they simply look for a weak spot.

I’m not a big fan of 3x3 bases, I feel they are too small and there is no way to adequately protect your cupboard with one. That said, I’ve made several very small bases that never got raided, you have to use your brains a bit and fool the raiders :slight_smile:

If you insist on small, I think a 4x4 or 5x5 but with a mostly empty inside is pretty good. Put some furnaces and crates with random crap at the bottom, sleeping bag, etc and make it look like it’s a noob/abandoned house. Make your forge room on the 2nd floor but don’t keep too much stuff there, just what you’re smelting at the moment and move everything up when you’re done.

Up top, make it at least 3 stories of floors, armored ideally or stone if you can’t armor. Make that first “top floor” at least 3-4 stories high… Feel free to use whatever to close the “empty” sides, it’s kind of irrelevant… I like sheet, it’s cheaper than everything else.

Your bottom (ground) floor, have fun closing it off with 1x1’s or blocks all over the place, make them waste their c4 looking for stuff.

Put cupboards everywhere… and make sure your main is sealed off aggressively to avoid rocket fishing.

Feel free to leave some parts of the bottom floor opened if you get raided, or any other damage that’s done. It’ll look abandoned and raided, won’t be a target for most people.

I’m not spilling all my beans, but there are lots of other neat tricks. People finding my loot room are not really finding my loot room… They’re just being trolled into thinking they did so they gtfo with a sad face. Yeah they’ll get some stone, wood, metal, guns, etc… But that’s just the consolation prize, the real stuff is in places they’ll never expect unless they’re really wise :slight_smile:

That made me lol… (a failed raid locks a sad expression on the players face for 3 days with random crying and regular sniffles)

Start with 3x3 and put cupboard on at least 3rd floor. 2nd can be destroyed from ground. Smaller than 3x3 means your foundation can be destroyed easily.
When you got more resources, expand to 4x4

I disagree and I found the 3x3 to be a great size that is very hard to raid…IF you design it right

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I disagree and I found the 3x3 to be a great size that is very hard to raid…IF you design it right


No offense but its a base that can be raided with ease.

First of all your cupboard is in the center. Meaning somebody can build a twig tower and jump on the flat triangle roof part. Done it so many times already. Unless a cupboard is on the side corners, the fall is very survivable.

Then there is the possibility that somebody enters the ground floor and just C4’s the floors. Any half decent player can lob C4 3 tiles high.

You have two major dead spots where people can hide away from your windows. And below the sniping rooms its also perfect hiding.

Your furnaces are out in the open, near open windows. That means if you ever run those at night, your tower lights up like a light bug.

Even as a buildup ( designed that the stairs get destroyed by C4 ) it fails, because of the C4 lobbing at height. And rockets these days make fast work of bases with single walls.

Its a good looking house but that is what it is. A house… Seen plenty of people build things like this on our server and they last exactly one day at best before they get raided.

Maybe its build in the middle of nowhere or its on a low population server but there is no way in anybody there definition that house is hard to raid.

Well it’s normally stands for the two weeks between wipes and it has yet to be raided on my server (100 slot and sits at cap for about 4-5 hours a day, min population is around 30-40 during the weekday mornings). What’s not in this video is the ring of cupboards that I add as well as a roof covered in metal barricades. Plus with it being armored it’s 12-15 solid rocket hits in the perfect spot to blow the cupboard so it’s pretty unlikely. You’re correct as in someone could just pop the 9 foundations but I have yet to see that happen when there are much easier targets all around the map.

Holy damn…
So much reception for my thread. Thank you so much for this people. (Except that one person thinking he’s clever in the first post)

Anyone got any ideas for the perfect 4x4? Same concepts? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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also, since it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread, do the hazmat gloves provide more bullet protection in a firefight then the leather gloves? Thanks :wink:

i’ll give you a design for a 2x2x2 starter house later today,it was rarely raided and even when it did get raided they couldn’t find the hidden loot crate.

Can I have the design? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: