Design for an Impenitrable Base (criticism/ideas).

Me and my fellas have been getting raided mercilessly by a gang of seven or so buttheads who have made it very difficult to progress in the game, to remedy the situation, we’ve devised an [UNRAIDABLE BASE.]
The idea behind it entails a series of corridors which spiral inward to a central supply room. The corridor is composed entirely of metal, with doors at each foundation split. [It’s a labyrinth of doors]. Of course having a spiral to the center storage room is useless when someone can just bypass the doors by blowing the walls in a line to the center, which is why it spirals upwards, in a pyramid. If they blow straight through, inward, they’ll reach filler space. The entire pyramid will be covered in a cube of metal walls, so that, should someone build scaffolding to the top, they would be unable to bypass extreme expenditure of charges. This is all sounding convolved I’m sure, so here’s our drafted design.
–I want to know what you all think! Any suggestions? Criticism?

It could quite possibly work but good luck getting the metal necessary!!

Yea we have like five guys and have devoted our life to getting metal, it’s gonna take a while.

sooo much resources :frowning:

then a server wipe happens lol

Then someone big group comes with 40+ c4 and your loot is gone

Sooo much metal…

Just make a 5 x 5 x 5 maze. No walls anywhere, only doorways and doors.

I think i built an unraidable base, pm me if you want to see it

I would like to see it, you have PMs turned off.

I would like to see more of this, would definitely seem much safer than anything else out there at the moment claiming to be unraidable, with all the stupid barricade spike wall stacking crap, the safest way isn’t some sneaky treehouse design, it’s simply a metal base with a fuck load of walls they need to blow through.

Uhm right now i dont get it, why it should be unraidable?
You still easily can build up on sides and skip xx floors…

So if your lootroom is on top!? I would need only many metal to build up and like ~max 20 c4s

Yeah, this isn’t unraidable, just resource expensive. It’ll deter most who lack the resources, but eventually someone who can raid it will get curious.