Design Help

I am currently trying to design a Team Deathmatch PvP arena. The one thing that is severely broken in my opinion at this point in the Alpha stage is differentiating hostile to friendly, as there are no distinguishable markings or names when in a heated battle.

My thought in fixing this temporarily is to distinguish teams by the color of the Armor they wear. Unfortunately, each Armor has its own unique spec loadout. So if I had one team in Leather (Red) and the other in Rad (Green), one team would have an armor advantage against the other.

So this brings the question… Is there a way to customize the armor specs to achieve this goal? Or is there any other ideas the readers have in mind to combat this deficiency?

not to my knowledge, you could always just change up the chest piece with leather and kevlar and have a best out of 3 or 5. Every round the teams switch chest pieces so its an even playing field.

That is a good idea. I just reviewed the specs for Cloth and Leather and I think with what I’m trying to do the benefits of having leather instead of cloth would not be too detrimental.

Cloth = Bullet+10, Melee+10, Explosive+5
Leather = Bullet+10, Melee+15, Explosive+10

Thanks for your input.