Design Metro 2033 / Project

Good morning all,

I am showing you my work about the Metro 2033 universe with textures and models made by myself but also import.

Obviously I will post my textures as well as models for free after my successful project.
I intend to make a whole Metro 2033 style map but it will take a certain amount of time so for now here is a preview.

Here is a small preview in video : projet karl

You can always give your opinion on this design, in a few week I will put my textures and open source models.


This is amazing…
Crazy good skills good lighting, amazing work man!


Great esthetic, please post more progress as you expand, cant wait


Thanks to you! I will do my best

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Awesome work, I was thinking about making some sort of Metro 2033 RPG gamemode for S&Box when it releases.


Metro RP? Sounds lit!


it could be interesting, to see in the future :innocent:

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Can’t wait to see more progress!

P.S: You can also post screenshots here in the thread.

Hello Hello ! here I am as promised I have just finished a small part of the Metro I made a video of it as usual, hoping you will like it, hoping with access to s & box for you to discover it!

I will regularly post my progress here!

New video party ---->

My new textures & others

Looks rly good. Waiting for MetroRP server with your maps

Fantastic work!

So good!