Designing a Sleeping-Bag / Douchebag Glitch Proof Base

The title pretty much states the gist of it. I’ve been getting “raided” over and over again by people exploiting the well documented sleeping bag glitch. It looks like I’m basically left with two options - quit playing the game until the bug is patched, or design something that would either be impervious to the glitch, or make it ridiculously cumbersome for these a-holes.

It’s my understanding that the walls (and possibly ceilings, though so far we’ve only been victim to the wall approach) are subject to the exploit, but I was wondering about doors. Does anyone know if they can place a bag through a door? If not, I was wondering if I could comprise the entire exterior of doorways (and building out the foundation with pillars to prevent someone from building stairs next to the base) and maybe put a floor or two of spike strips above the room to counter the ceiling approach. I’ve watched a couple of videos that involve placing small stashes in doorways, but considering you can only store three items per stash, that also seems less than ideal. If possible, I’d also rather not resort to placing a ridiculous amount of sleeping bags or whatever on every available inch of real estate. I’ve also considered trying a moderated (non-official) server but based on what I’ve read, the problem isn’t limited to the official servers. That, and I’d worry that if I somehow managed to pull off a couple of head shots in a row (or just killed a small group of people) I’d be banned as a suspected aimbotter.

My friend and I have been having a good time playing the game so far (aside from having to constantly deal with the hackers and exploits) and we’d like to continue, but at this point I can’t help but wonder if it’s even worth the time, or if we should just concede until the devs can come up with a solution.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance guys.

On a side note (and yes, I realize this isn’t the place to post suggestions… but it’s relevant to the discussion at hand), if experimental is still several months out then I’m wondering if this could be resolved with a background thread to periodically monitor the files in question (or some sort of hook into the startup routine), whether incorporated directly into CheatPunch, or simply something that could invoke a method in the API that would ban the offenders if a file modification is detected. Even with a 15-30 second sleep / wake cycle, it seems like you would be able to detect modification of the files with negligible impact on performance.

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For those that are wondering, I just found this thread:

Downright ingenious, I must admit. Never considered using the doors as a means for traversing the base. It’s kind of sad though, that we’re currently left to resorting to things like this rather than being able to just play the game in line with the original intentions of the developers.

Oh, you’re talking about legacy. Was trying to figure out when EAC allowed editing files… Man, we need like a mandatory [Legacy] [Experimental] pre header for all new threads. This is going to get confusing.

Might as well join a server that has a plugin to prevent this. There are various plugins that prevent people from placing sleeping bag/beds on other people house with certain rules/configuration.

For legacy this is your only option. They can get through anything. The jedieal (or w/e) design wont stop them.

Ugh I can’t wait for Legacy to die.

Option 3 play exp! Guns just showed up last few days so its getting very playable. Still only eating each other but hey its food!

Yeah, I think we’re probably going to give a moderated / modded server a shot.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Another question,

I switched to an anti-bag server with the removal tool enabled, so now I’m kind of wondering if someone could just blow a wall on my base, rebuild the wall and then come back anytime they wanted and use the removal tool on the wall that they built to help themselves to my hard earned goodies (at least until I managed to get my hands on some C4 and could remove the wall myself).

If this is possible, then I’ll probably just give up on legacy for now and wait for experimental since it seems like it would only be a matter of time before this happens.

No. The owner of the entire connected building is always the person that placed the first foundation. If he ever put a wall there then the wall will be yours.

Good to hear. Thanks for clearing that up.