Desktop Picture made with Garrys Mod (first work!)


Thought its about time to actually make something and show it on the forums, seeing as everyone else makes such interesting contraptions :slight_smile: (Angry man = Bravo!)

So anyways here it is; Ill see what other things I can make in the future if this is worth looking at

EDIT: And heres the original if ur desperate for a discomforting wallpaper:

err… What can I say ? would be good if you posted the actual picture… not just a picture of your dekstop.
nice first post btw… but imo it’s a bit too blurry :confused:

Nice pic. cool games you have too :wink: 9/10

Yea Trivial Pursuit really rocks :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill find the original pic for you and put that up, gimme a minute or two

Pretty cool 7/10

Here are some wallpapers…
All 1200 x 1600

dammit, EvilHamst quit posting your crap in everyones threads

my brother is on that desktop! im comming brother! (look at avatar)
[10/10 - pigeon381]
[6/10 - evilhamst]

ehehehe :smiley:

Theme Hospital is the best!!!

IT’S 1600X1200! NOT 1200x1600!

nop gay

^ What can I say you 5 years late.