Desolace RP - I have no idea what I'm doing.

Hi. I came up with this idea on my free time. I don’t have any money or resources. I don’t have any solid connections for modelling, rigging, mapping, coding, etc. In all honesty, this is a project I’d like to work on for quite some time and release when it’s good and ready. Who knows when that will be, but I want to spare no expense. I have a plan, it’s a long one, but viable. What I’d like, is feedback. Please post below if you want to talk or have a discussion about this upcoming gamemode / server, scheduled to release whenever I start robbing banks. I apologize if the format of the post is not up to par. FP bugs out for me, because I can’t have nice things. I’d want to start a server, but I have no idea how or what it takes. All I know is, I’m motivated and I have an idea. Is that enough?

Desolace RP prides itself off a custom canon, built from the ground up while taking
inspiration from a variety of medias to collaborate into a fully fleshed-out game. Unlike other servers, Desolace will provide a game
style like no other. From models, to weaponry, scenery to maps, items to ammunition, everything will be hand-built and customized
for the use in Desolace RP.

As a player, you will spawn in the city - overwhelmed by Chinese influence after a long-lasting commerce of trade between both
countries - controlled by a fascist police government, compensated heavily by VOIT, a leading robotics and engineering corporation
designing androids for the assistance of off-world colonization.

Outside the city walls rests the Badlands, a no-man’s-land harboring sentenced criminals, both guilty and non for crimes against the city.
These characters are deemed “Exiles”, hence their social status. In the waste, technology is quite rare and most machinery found are
outdated. Characters are subject to manage without the advances of the utopia, resorting to menial ways of combat.

Androids in which escape the imprisonment of labor find themselves able to survive in the trying to protect their liberty along the way
as Hunters, special agents of the police force hired by VOIT, scout the barren land to identify and eliminate any robotic, or human entity
that poses threat to VOIT or the police force.

VOIT, the leading producer of electronics and technology - head of research surrounding robotic-engineering - has claimed territory of the city Chinatown,
walling it off securely from the other districts of the city and ruling with an iron fist. Heavily geared policemen patrol the streets,
scouting for evidence of conspiracy, rebellion, or rumors against VOIT or the police themselves. Yet, in VOIT’s attempt to example Chinatown
as a peaceful, merciful city, criminals are exiled, never harmed or killed and thrown into the desert of the Badlands without attire or gear.

Crime is apparent, though so is VOIT’s armed forces.

A lonely wasteland, decadent by constant wind that frictions against the desert floor. With a ruthless population, the land beyond the walls
proves to be a most dangerous place. Although, much of one mans’ trash can be another’s treasure. Artifacts, sources of hidden lore, imperative
information, lost weaponry, etc. are scattered throughout. Identifying these objects are apart of the Analysts’ job, as the barrens hold much
more mystery than scattered pieces of past robotics. Confrontation with the locals is inevitable, and it is up to the players how the
Badlands run.

Banished to a life outside city walls, the pioneers of the desert strive on scavenged goods found in the wasteland. Accompanied only by
other convicted individuals, thrown into a world without rules, violence is an every-day occurrence in the Badlands. Making it their home,
the inhabitants take refuge in makeshift towns, harboring criminal syndicates that trade weaponry and essential items through the walls.

Carnage will ensue.

The corporation that cashes everyone’s checks. The source of all androids made to help build the off-world colonies, promised in the near future.
At war with the Exiles and those protesting against augmentations, robotics and the advancements VOIT makes, the corporation has a lot to deal
with. Yet, every employee is paid their fair share and at VOIT Corp, there’s a lot to go around.

VOIT’s trusted workers. Analysts roam the desert sands, searching for artifacts lost long ago in the Great War. Keys to technology undiscovered
will be sought out by these characters and in turn, it will help lead the evolution of Desolace. The Analyst group is one of the most essential factions,
harnessing great knowledge.

Ruthless, disconnected and fully paid for by the VOIT Corporation, the Chinatown police stalk the area with vigor. With a zero tolerance crime policy,
policemen and special augmented units are sent onto the streets to ensure the safety of VOIT Corporation and that there will never be an up-rise.
Although many disprove of the peace-keeper’s tactics, it’s quite hard to argue when there’s a gun in your face.

Stalkers of the Badlands, these characters carry out the wishes of VOIT Corporation, continuing it’s reign even across borders and over city-limits.
Androids, specifically Nexus 6, have recently escaped into the barrens. With VOIT’s technology out in the open, it’s essential that the hardware
remain unseen. Hunters are hired to eliminate the threat of compromise and anything along with it.


Another ideas guy lol

dont even bother just go write a book or something

That’s kind of the idea behind roleplay.

Look, I know you have a lot of “Ideas” but I’m begging you no more RP gamemodes.

Especially those that just rip off DarkRP. Why not just make this gamemode an RPG like Destiny(which is kinda what this looks like)

Also go learn coding, and keep these ideas written down somewhere else. Becuase when you make a thread about it on here
and everyone sees you put it under the thread title thingy ‘WIPGamemode’ they are expecting you to
actually have a little more done than just ideas.

Looks lie a decent backstory to me. You’re gonna want to use clockwork or nutscript as a base, and as for…

I think this is going to be your biggest issue as nobody is willing to model for free.

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Mein murg

That artwork, if it’s actually yours, is lovely and a lot of effort has gone into World Building, but this forum is for releases and unless you have actual gmod-related content to show off, I feel it’d be best to lock this thread until you’re capable

Well, this is me sparing no expense. Soon, that will be available and the project can continue. This is simply for showcasing a possible RP. I’ve been talking with a friend and afterwords came to the conclusion that this could be a viable Source Mod, strictly based around RP.

I understand that’s rather drastic, though to be honest, the amount of players whom pour from the common Clockwork, etc. servers has changed the way we look at RP. There’s not a seriousness as there once was. I hope to restore that.

Obviously this would take time and prove quite difficult… Yet more so than if I was to release this on GMod?

Very, very ambitious. I like what I see written but (sadly) I strongly believe we won’t see it executed.

Most of these are from , in his reply he failed to mention this.

I suppose, granted the fact I have nothing but experience - and that doesn’t do much good in this field as of late. I know this is a good setting for RP. GMod happens to be my favorite platform to do just that. Saving up, yes will be costly, though I’ve grown tired of how “serious” RP operates. It’s time to raise the bar to a new level.

It’s quite a lot to ask, which is exactly why I’m not asking for it. Thanks for your input though and I appreciate that you like what you see so far!

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Some cars are blue.

ugh can this be moved at least, skimmed the dribble story and just looked at the pics, was a nicer looking HL2RP tbh.

dissapoint when it wasn’t actually a gamemode…

I feel like this would be my top 5 favorite comic than a Garrysmod RP server.

Thank you! Glad the idea appeals to you in general.

So the artwork aint his and the gamemode only consists of a story, not a terribly good start… And if you are planning on learning Lua, do NOT start with a Gamemode unless you want to get frustrated

Please don’t. I think a lot of people on here are tired of just strictly RP based gamemodes where you have to suck up to the administration team(which are filled with elitists for the most part depending on the server)

Why not go for another approach to the already good ideas you have?

You mean not to include RP at all?

Well just don’t make it something like clockwork or darkrp. I (personally) vote for a rpg, which doesn’t mean it can’t have backstory.

Think of it this way, you could have stories behind each faction team and they just duke it out in the areas
specified above, or make gametypes like deathmatch with goals in mind instead. Build up a base, protect something.

Just- I would avoid purely RP. I see so many DarkRP edits and nutscript/clockwork projects that always go unfinished/completely suck or are just terrible.

I saw a server than ran a vampire RP and all it was, was a bunch of guys running around with machine guns and they ate each other.
I’m getting off topic though, I guess it would just be nice to see someone go away from the route of roleplay that has already been overdone and redone over and over in gamemodes like DarkRP.

edit: I guess what I’m trying to say is, enough of the, most of the time, pointless /me’s, /it’s stuff that literally goes nowhere and goes on for ages to explain picking up a box.