Desolate: Prologue

This is the prologue to a 3 part series I will be making. It’s not going to explain EVERYTHING because that ruins the point of making you all want to see the next one… which will explain most of it.

If there’s anyone who is not busy most of the time, and knows how to do comic layouts, I really need help on those.

Again, the next part will pretty much explain everything and what’s going on.
Oh, and I know the effects suck… I’m working on that…

Anyway, tell me what you think. :slight_smile:
In fact, tell me if I should even continue onto another one…

oh nice.


Uh… it was sorta confusing to read, the speech bubbles should be in an order that makes them easier to follow. The posing is alright, but just that. That helicopter in the beginning… the rotor blades had no motion to them, making it look dead. All in all, it’s an alright start… but it seems too cliched… In my opinion (IF YOU HAVE THE IDEA FOR THE NEXT PART) is that you go ahead and make it… but use any advice you get. You can use photoshop for the layout (if you’re good at it…) or you could use a program I use called Photoscape. It is free, just google it. If you take that route, pm me and I could give you a quick walkthrough.

looks awesome

Thanks guys. I’m working on the next part and DO have an idea for it.

I’m working on a layout as well as the next part.

Stalker bandits. nice. But why not use loners or freedom? They look cooler

Perhaps a different choice of soldier models. “Pew” is I think not the right grammar to describe that weapon sound when there is muzzle flash. But I do want to know what happens next, so have an artistic:)

Immulators fuuuu! haha, it’s ok. c;

cc incoming.

  1. How can a heli land on such a small square in a parking lot? That’s bound to break it.
  2. Your posing is alright, but stiff sometimes. But you’re almost there, just a bit of improvement.
  3. The dialougue is cheesy, like something taken out of a b-movie.
  4. As someone else said, work on the order of your speechbubbles, otherwise the readers might get confused.

Posing seems very odd in some places and I dont know it doesnt seem very interesting.
That ignited corpse is just plain dumb IMO.
But hey keep doing it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Lol @ the chopper landing INTO a car park.