Desolation Rust [Airdrop @ 5 Population every 45mins/Ecomony/+More]

“Desolation Rust” is a new brand new server recently wiped for a clean base since 3/5/2014, is always welcoming new players to join our server.
We have zero tolerance for admin abuse, as well for hackers, and exploiters.
We use ecomomy on our server with many other mods, its quite a fun server we added more loot spawns for radation zones. We have admins on daily, always looking for mods as well for our server. Our server is a 150 slot server with loads of room for new players, or their clans.

Events are done daily, as well as for our new players or old players they have a one time use of promo codes that can be found on our website that gives a one time item, as well as our one time kits besides our instant kit for basic, our kit containts a nice selection of house supplies to protection.
The server also has been modified for more new spawns for fresh spawns to spawn at different areas, we do have tpa and use Multi-homes which gives the user to be able to have more than one home and can defend which ever home it might be that is being raided.

We do trivia, arena battles as well to have tons of fun in our server (Which is modded by our lovely staff). We also include our location, region map for fresh new spawns that do not know the map so well and can learn the map by going around find their friends by typing /lm to understand what part of the region they might be at in order to find their friends.
More information will be on our website.

Website info -

Teamspeak 3 info -

Steam Group -

We have a player base of 20 so far for one day it’s might great since we been up online.

Questions that might be asked…

-Do the admins pvp, farm for their own stuff?

//Yes they do farm as well as a basic player and earn theirs hard on even when being shot or killed they will not abuse to get back at the players, they will simply work back up to get enough than once they can and are able to raid then the raiding begins.
(So do not call admin abuse unless it’s proven.)

-Does the server have donations? Ofc we do if you want fast economy for the ecomony shop you can purchase it on our website on the side bar. (It’s the same items as all players can receive no donor addition to it that others can not get but a rank title.

If any more questions please post on our forums, we will assist you in helping you. Thanks for reading hope you join our server.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned" - postal))