Desolation Rust [Updated & Back]

How to join? Press F1, copy/paste this(Without quotes): “net.connect”


  • 1/6 Durability
  • Airdrops
  • PvP
  • Away Command (Tells users globally your away from keyboard, gives protection till your back.)
  • Starter kits (Stone hatchet, Hand cannons)
  • Leveling System
  • Last Seen online commands
  • Admin/Mods (Hidden mode) always on
  • 1/4 Craft

[editline]16th March 2014[/editline]

#Bump not able to craft c4 for more c4 raiding control.

#Added enemies command now list your enemies on our server!

#Removed durability on our server! Say no more repairing.

Seems great, coming online :wink:

#Updated 3/19/2014
-Re added craft to explosives, c4, changed damage of c4.

  • Added Tpa
  • Added Economy
  • Added Damage Showing
  • Added Base Alarm
  • Added New Server Spawns
  • Added RickAC - Speed Hacking/Flying Gives Auto Kick.
  • Added Ranks & Titles
  • Added Voting System & Rewards
  • Added Mass Airdrops
  • Added Door Sharing
  • Added Death Messages
  • Added Door Remote Closing/Opening Command (Doors that you own only)!

#Bump numbers are increasing, lets see if we can max the server out if we do i will upgrade to a bigger slot server!

#Moved server name to Next Generation Gamerz, Freshly new wipe come join us for fresh spawning fun!