*Do I miss the old world? Of course I do, we all do. That said… the old world lives on through us. Each of us carry a part of it within us, and one day those parts will come back together to form the whole. If this whole thing had never happened… would have, should have, could have. It happened, we responded the only way we knew how, and this was the result. Was it worth it? Was it worth losing the old world to avoid the fate they had in store for us?


Sometimes, I like to just stand and look. I look at all that’s around me, and… I pretend it’s how it used to be. You know, I piece the ruins back together in my mind, I see these beautiful cities, people everywhere… I lose myself for hours in my little world, a world where the invasion never happened.

(Resistance members after the defeat of the Combine, for the denser among you)

Pretty nice, although having just one lamp pointing at him seems kind of odd, especially from that angle.

It was my flashlight. My lamps haven’t worked (as in, won’t even spawn) for over a year.

first pic looks surreal