Despawn Time For Killed Player

Just a quick question. If you are killed, how much time do you have to respawn and get to your corpse to recover items before your inventory despawns? I searched the forums and checked around the wiki’s and couldn’t find an answer.


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I’m asking because I was killed by a zed, respawned, and made it back to where I was killed in 5 mins or so. No body or inventory pack anywhere.

I get lots of different answers here, but the standard one seems to be five mins, give or take.

Depends. There is 2 answers.

Assuming the sever doesn’t crash or restart (all is lost then), you have about 3 minutes to loot a backpack if no one took anything from it. If someone DOES take at least 1 thing from it, it will last about 10 minutes or until empty.

SO, if you die with your friends, tell them to take 1 thing from it, and it will last much longer.

Good info. Thanks. I’m not sure if I made it back before 5 mins and there was no one around to loot it so it just despawned.