Desperate Engineer trying to build a Sentry with scrap

Made with freshly installed Gmod after I formatted my HD :v:


C&C would be nice

I was gonna say “Bah, he got enought stuff to build one”, but then I scrolled to the right and saw the missile…

He’s fucked.


I like how you edited the cable’s end on the sentry but the missile’s backfire could use some touches and motion blur.

Would be way better without the blur, but it’s nice anyway.

thanks for your comment

yes, I am not really satisfied with the backfire, I need to download some PS brushes again :v:

A original idea nice man. and like santz said the missile’s fire need a touch or two but over all I like the picture keep them coming.

thanks for your comment, I think I’ll try to redo the missile smoke today :v:

some more C&C? :confused:

Posing looks solid but grain dont really fit TF2 IMO.

Engineer is trying to pull a MacGyver Good pose. Like your use of blur.