A machinima using Davebrown’s City 8 maps just had to be done. This project originally started out as a video showing some scenery, but my creativity quickly sprouted as I went further down the road with it. Thus, a plot was born.

It’s about a traveling man who returns to his home in City 8, only to find the aftermath of a headcrab infestation that occurred just two days before. Not only he’s the last living being left in City 8, but his long-loved girlfriend is also missing. This leaves him alone and depressed, and his emotional strength can only go so far. I hope you enjoy this short, but fulfilling, video.

Nice to see you still doing videos.

I really liked the camera movement. There could probably be a better song choice for a situation like this but otherwise its pretty awesome.

Very well done CaleB. I love how you integrated the music into it like that.

Nice cinematography, but Owl City? Really?


Originally, I was only going to show some scenery shots, so I used that certain track for tranquility. (Example: first thirty seconds.) But, I started to get into it and winded up making a video with the full song. I hope it’s not a big deal; didn’t realize how many people blindly stab at that artist.

Excellent lighting! What FPS did you record at? Also, I use Source Recorder, but I don’t always get smooth results. Any pro tips?

I recorded the shots at 30 fps with Fraps while host_timescale was set to 0.5. I simply doubled the speed during editing to bring it back to original speed with 60 fps. (It’s pretty hard to keep a stable 60 fps when recording with Fraps at such high resolutions.)

In order to get a smooth video recording with Source Recorder, I recommend the lossless codec Lagarith. It’s one of the best lossless compressors out there. Though, it would be definite to keep your resolutions no higher than 1024x768, or else it will start hogging too much HD memory and will lower performance when putting your clips together in a video editor.

BEAUTIFUL, just brilliant. touching. excellent camera angles and the lot.

very impressed, kudo’s CaLeb. :slight_smile:

I got to love the camera angles and editing.

Really nice work as usual, Camera angles are amazing.