Desperation - A ColorMod preset

After a day of being banned (Terrible, by the way…) here are some pics I took with my shiny new preset.
I find it good for Zombie Survival, or those hopeless scenes.
Well, here they are.
Basically some tests of my awesome new ColorMod presets.

Granade, got pic of this for arm color + shading

Just something hopeless. My dead body.

My physgun. I didn’t like that skin, I went back to my old. Sorry, no pic of old.
but I got this one for the glow, and general colors.

The Pistol. got it for gray colors.

SMG, for muzzleflashes (First Person view)

RPG, for explosions.

C&C, please, tell me on what I should change about the colors, and giv me suggestions for what I should do next. Thanks.

I will post this preset as a file, if anyone wants it

That’s horrible… it looks like sharpened Black&White.

Yeah. I know.

My eyessssssssssssssssss

Then why posting it?

well…It;s not as bad in-game than it is here


Well, it looked good at the same time.

Fuck. Thanks for helping my headache :byodood:

It’s so bad that my ears are suffering from the pain because your pictures are forcing my eyes to continue looking.

My eyes!

No problem. C:

Glad to hear that. I’m sorry.

nothing fancy, expecially since you picked up flatgrass to show it off.
Color preset itself rather boring and useless without supporting bloom, sharpness, or even DoF.

Improve, and try to pose some pic for show off.

Right now it is disgustingly mingey.

Well, thanks for that info. I’ll take that into account, and it was flatgrass I think because I felt like it.


my eyes…

Omfg, thanks to you my eye sight gone worse.
Anyways, good luck with the lawyers your gonna face soon.

‘EMO VISION’ Nice title for this.

Looks like a steaming pile of shit.

No. Just no. Also, why even make a thread about!?

worse than filter rape…

I came boxes

Here have one