Destiny 2 assistance

so as some of you may know during the pc beta I managed to rip some models via Ninjaripper (heres an example)

but now the final game is out and it ninjaripper doesn’t seem to work

so I ask if there is a way around this, if not then… oh well :confused:

It works fine, you just need to go through a few steps, as well as have a bit of patience and luck.

  1. Bring up both app and NinjaRipper
  2. Set Destiny2.exe as the target
  3. Select intruder inject

Next steps are what is going to require timing and luck:

  1. Hit run on NinjaRipper
  2. Wait a second or two, then hit PLAY in

If you timed it right, you’ll be able to rip models as normal.

it works! thank you for the info :slight_smile:

May I ask… are you both on windows 10? Whenever I try the same process, and try to rip with F10, the system freezes for a moment, then after 10 seconds or so the game crashes. And the dump is not complete.

Sometimes, due to starting the game twice, right after the crash, another instance of the game starts but of course can’t connect to battle net and you can’t rip from nit.

Am I missing something?

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OK, so apparently it does rip! I always get the hands. After that it crashes. Anyone had that problem?

Funny thing is, I can use both the x86 or x64 Version… it rips a few meshes and the just crashes out of the Game…

The Ninjaripper log file states:
1031/130828 [28EC] ERROR: ID3D11DeviceContext_DrawIndexed() exception. Crash dump file: D:\NINJARIPPER_NinjaRipper\2017.10.31_13.06.13_destiny2.exe_6040\crashdmp_pid_6040.dmp

Is there a way to make sense out of the .dmp file?

Sorry to post again on this topic. So I obviously had limited success using Ninjaripper! Now… I thought I’d try another PC. So I installed it on another system (which had never run the beta) and Ninjaripper is not able to run the Destiny2.exe. It always throws an Application Error 0xc0000005 Unable to run the application.

Does anyone have a clue on how I can get it to run? I tried copying the D2 Folder from th eother system over, but that didn’t work either!