Destiny 2 Models WIP

well, I’ve held back on posting this (due to laziness) but yeah here are the models I’ve been working on so far (all are Fallen related)

these next two are rekins of the taken to look like D1 Fallen

i’ll be working on the Hive some more, but heres a teaser for what to expect

How did you rip these models?

Wonderful! What’s next on the agenda?

the Hive, then Vex, then Cabal… and from then idk what

Guardians, maybe? Perhaps civilians?

Haven’t tried ripping enemy NPCs yet, but I’m assuming their textures come out normal compared to player guardians? I ripped the starting Titan armor and another set of armor(only set up the starting so far) and the textures are pretty grayed out. Any idea on how to get the textures or texture maps to appear as how they would in Destiny 2?

Also here’s an unrigged version of Louis for everyone who wants him, comes with the textures.

How are you guys having more success than I am? I use ninja ripper and everytime I try to rip something it crashes. I would love to post some models of that game as well.

Generally for me, whenever I rip something and crash, whatever I was trying to rip succesfully rips. But if I didn’t do both operations for ripping on the model, I just go back into the game with ninjaripper and do whatever else I need. It’s a 50/50 chance for me on crashing or not crashing.

Don’t suppose there’s any chance I could get someone to rip some Hive models for me, is there?

You’d need to get the colour channel/control maps to be able to change the colours. Seems right now you’re only getting the diffuse maps out. If you send me what you have so far for that Titan I can take a look at what you’ve pulled and try to work it out for you.