Destiny 2 PC Beta rips - Are they possible?

So I know the beta just started - and has yet (as of this post) to hit open beta - But, I was wondering if it would be possible to rip models from the Destiny 2 PC Beta? Has anyone tried, yet? What’s the engine Bungie’s using?

Post thoughts, hints, rips, whatever!

We’re working on it, encryption is in place on some packages. Will take time a little time.

The open beta started earlier this morning, dude. As for the engine, Destiny 1 was built using a variation of the same engine they used for Halo: Reach, and Destiny 2 is built on another, more improved version of the same engine variant they used for Destiny 1.

Just realized that here a few moments ago. My mistake.

The pre-order beta did start yesterday though so people potentially had the ability to start yesterday.

Not getting my hopes up since nothing ever came from the first game.

Considering that Destiny 2 is on PC as well, I think we may have more luck this time around than we did with Destiny 1 content extraction.

Some folks were able to pull audio out of the game (It used the Audiokinetic Wwise middleware audio engine just as Destiny 2 does), but they never got further than the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 games’ disc copies, and even then it just extended to music, a shame considering the abundance of ambient dialogue especially from The Tower’s speakers & Cayde’s occasional reference to his favourite game that “starts with an ‘H’” that proved an eager listen. Nevertheless, considering the pain Wwise is for modders to explore & export, having what we got is no small joy. Unfortunately, I never heard much outside of datamining that uncovered yet-to-be implemented weapons which mostly arrived eventually (With the ‘Dubious Volley’ showcased in Destiny 2), and assumed most of the artistic replication both digital & physical was being done from scratch and/or with aid from whatever official web-based resources were on offer.

Being on PC, I’d like to think more people with the know how will get a chance to figure out how we can explore & export what’s within Destiny 2. And there’s been enthusiasm thus far at least (I believe I’ve even encountered a genuine example of extracted audio samples from Destiny 2’s Beta at one point), so let’s hope successful results follow. There’s an awful lot of old & new visual & audio assets I’d sure love to see people get to make use of.

You can ninjaripper it but you’ll be ban…

will you be banned from ip? or just account because i have the beta and ninja ripper just want to be able to play on ps4 when it comes out

IDK I have only one account but it can be by account + ip + mac + hardware.

PS/ my bad I thinked I was banned but it’s only because the beta ended ahah

Could Ninjaripper still possibly work without having access to the gameplay?

Ninja Ripper has to hook into the active program in order to do its job, and since the beta is over (for now), it won’t be possible to use Ninja Ripper. The Blizzard app has removed the option to launch the game, and trying to launch the executable from the installation directory just throws up an error saying you have to re-launch the game through the Blizzard app in order to play once you try to log in to the game.

Whelp, I guess we wait for the full pc release, then, I suppose.

well I managed to use ninja ripper when the beta was available and the results were successful

my eventual hope is at some point when people learn to decrypt D2’s files then maybe someone will try D1 again (but that’s just my wishful thinking)

theres hope after all i thank you

Most of the work so far on D2 was done thanks to being able to debug it live. Not sure it will be possible for destiny 1. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

well, I suppose well have to pray D1 gets a PC port at some point
(however that’s just my wishful thinking, so i’ll make do with all the available D2 assets)

I don’t see why it would at this point.

OH MAN. Could I bug you for that Fallen model, sir?